Chapter 1. Consuming PDF

    Introduction: Hacks #1-14

    Hack 1.  Read PDFs with the Adobe Reader

    Hack 2.  Read PDFs with Mac OS X's Preview

    Hack 3.  Read PDFs with Ghostscript's GSview

    Hack 4.  Speed Up Acrobat Startup

    Hack 5.  Manage Acrobat Plug-Ins with Profiles on Windows

    Hack 6.  Open PDF Files Your Way on Windows

    Hack 7.  Copy Data from PDF Pages

    Hack 8.  Convert PDF Documents to Word

    Hack 9.  Browse One PDF in Multiple Windows

    Hack 10.  Pace Your Reading or Present a Slideshow in Acrobat or Reader

    Hack 11.  Pace Your Reading or Present a Slideshow in Mac OS X Preview

    Hack 12.  Unpack PDF Attachments (Even Without Acrobat)

    Hack 13.  Jump to the Next or Previous Heading

    Hack 14.  Navigate and Manipulate PDF Using Page Thumbnails