Hack 18 Turn PDF Bookmarks into Windows Shortcuts

figs/beginner.gif figs/hack18.gif

Turn your PDF inside out.

We've talked about creating a shortcut to a single PDF page [Hack #17] . Now let's create a complete tree of shortcuts, each representing a PDF bookmark, such as those in Figure 2-3. Organize them in folders and use the Windows File Explorer to navigate your PDF collection. It works with local and online PDF files.

Install the Shortcuts plug-in [Hack #16] and then configure your computer for local shortcuts [Hack #17] . Open a bookmarked PDF and press the figs/inline0202.gif button. Or, select Plug-Ins PDF Hacks Shortcuts Create Shortcuts to All Document Bookmarks. A set of shortcuts will appear in your Favorites folder. Create a new folder and move the new shortcuts to a convenient location.

Figure 2-3. Converting a PDF's bookmarks into desktop shortcuts, which can then be organized using the File Explorer