Chapter 5. Manipulating PDF Files

    Introduction: Hacks #51-73

    Hack 51.  Split and Merge PDF Documents (Even Without Acrobat)

    Hack 52.  Encrypt and Decrypt PDF (Even Without Acrobat)

    Hack 53.  Add PDF Encryption Actions to Windows Context Menus

    Hack 54.  Add Attachments to Your PDF (Even Without Acrobat)

    Hack 55.  Easily Attach Your Document's Tables

    Hack 56.  Add PDF Attachment Actions to Windows Context Menus

    Hack 57.  Create a Traditional Index Section from Keywords

    Hack 58.  Rasterize Intricate Artwork with Illustrator or Photoshop

    Hack 59.  Crop Pages for Clarity

    Hack 60.  Refry Before Posting Documents Online

    Hack 61.  Copy Features from One PDF to Another

    Hack 62.  Polish Your PDF Edition

    Hack 63.  Add and Maintain PDF Bookmarks

    Hack 64.  Get and Set PDF Metadata

    Hack 65.  Add a Web-Style Navigation Bar to PDF Pages

    Hack 66.  Copy-Protect Your PDF

    Hack 67.  Support Online PDF Reading

    Hack 68.  Force PDF Download Rather than Online Reading

    Hack 69.  Hyperlink HTML to PDF Pages

    Hack 70.  Create an HTML Table of Contents from PDF Bookmarks

    Hack 71.  PDF Web Skins

    Hack 72.  Share PDF Comments Online (Even Without Acrobat)

    Hack 73.  Tally Topic Popularity