Chapter 6. Dynamic PDF

    Introduction: Hacks #74-92

    Hack 74.  Collect Data with Online PDF Forms

    Hack 75.  Serve Filled-Out PDF Forms

    Hack 76.  Drive PDF Forms with Your Data

    Hack 77.  PDF Form-Filling Sessions

    Hack 78.  Permanently Merge a PDF Form and its Data

    Hack 79.  Tool Up with pdftk

    Hack 80.  Decipher and Navigate PDF at the Text Level

    Hack 81.  Edit PDF Code Freely

    Hack 82.  Integrate pdftk with gVim for Seamless PDF Editing

    Hack 83.  Modify PDF Hyperlinks at Serve-Time

    Hack 84.  Tailor PDF Text at Serve-Time

    Hack 85.  Use HTML to Create PDF

    Hack 86.  Use Perl to Create PDF

    Hack 87.  Use PHP to Create PDF

    Hack 88.  Use Java to Create PDF

    Hack 89.  Assemble Pages and Serve PDF

    Hack 90.  Superimpose PDF Pages

    Hack 91.  Generate PDF Documents from XML and CSS

    Hack 92.  Create PDF with XSL-FO and FOP