8.11 Keeping Your Fedora Core System Up to Date

Since Fedora Core isn't officially supported by Red Hat, Fedora Core users don't have access to Red Hat Network. However, Fedora Core includes the Alert Notification and up2date tools, which can automatically install software updates.

You don't need to activate a software license in order to update your Fedora Core system, but you do need to configure your system. The procedure used to configure and update your system closely resembles that appropriate for updating Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Launch the Alert Notification Tool configuration sequence by right-clicking the Alert Notification Tool icon. The series of dialog boxes that appears closely resembles that related to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, described in the preceding section.

  2. Launch the up2date tool by clicking the Alert Notification Tool icon. Complete the series of dialog boxes, beginning with the Welcome to Red Hat Update Agent dialog box. The series closely resembles that of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, described in the preceding section. However, it omits several dialog boxes that relate to Red Hat Network.

If you're prompted to install the Red Hat, Inc. public GPG key, be sure to click Yes. Otherwise, system updates will fail.

Once you've configured the Alert Notification tool, its color indicates whether updates are available. If the tool is red, click the tool icon, review the available updates, and install those you consider appropriate. In general, you should install all available updates as soon as they become available. However, you may prefer to postpone installing available updates?especially large updates that entail time-consuming downloads?to a convenient time.