What is WOPR?

For more than a decade, WOPR (pronounced whopper) has led the way with incredibly useful extensions to Office?in fact, many of the features you see in Office today originated as WOPR utilities. If you rely on Office, you should be using WOPR, the one truly indispensable addition to your Office bag o' tricks.

WOPR 2003 brings dozens of new capabilities to Office 2003.

WOPR Commander

In order to reduce the user interface clutter normally associated with having such a large and complex add-on package like WOPR installed into Microsoft Word, we've created the WOPR Commander. The WOPR Commander removes all of WOPR's user interface elements out of Microsoft Word's menus, toolbars, and so forth and places them on one convenient pop-up menu that is accessed via clicking on the WOPR Commander icon in the Microsoft Windows Taskbar's system tray area (that is, the tray notification area located by your system clock).

Each time Microsoft Word is started, the WOPR Commander's icon is automatically placed into your system tray. To access any of the WOPR utilities, simply right or left mouse-click on the WOPR Commander's icon (or use the CTRL+ALT+W hot key), and a pop-up menu will appear allowing you to control all aspects of the WOPR program (such as displaying the WOPR Tools or Lil'WOPR Tools toolbars, adding or removing the various WOPR components, running each of the WOPR utilities, and so forth).


Replace that wimpy Word envelope printer with an industrial-strength one-click wonder! Enveloper works in Excel, Access, and Outlook too.

Print logos/graphics, notes, and bar codes on your envelopes. Maintain multiple customized envelopes. Each envelope may be customized for a different situation: envelope size, return address, note, logo, fonts, and so on.

Enveloper lets you create custom envelopes and call them up when you need them. You can position the return address, addressee, bar code?even a logo or a note line?with a simple click and drag. One more click sets the font, and the whole process unfolds right before your eyes, so you can see how your envelopes will look before you print them. Most of all, Enveloper fits right into Office. There's no need to shell out to another program, or futz around with copying and pasting?Enveloper "grabs" addresses from your documents, worksheets, or Outlook Contacts, and churns out gorgeous envelopes in no time at all. You can pull addresses from Outlook or the address book of your choice, and even look up ZIP+4 Codes on the U.S. Postal Service Web site with a couple of clicks. Whether you print one envelope at a time, churn out thousands of envelopes for mass mailings, or just run the occasional holiday card mail merge, Enveloper helps every step of the way.


WorkBar gives you a one-click listing of your key working documents right on Word's menu bar (or on a toolbar?it's your choice), automatically sorts the document list as you add documents, supports a variety of file formats (it will launch a file's parent application for you automatically so you're not limited to only Word documents on your WorkBar), and gives you control over how the document is opened in Word.

FileNew Pop-up

This feature displays a list of useful commands that help you create new documents and interact with those documents' parent templates. It can

  • Display the fully qualified filename of the current document's parent template, and allows you to open it with just a click

  • Create new documents or templates based on the current document, the current document's template, Word's global template (Normal.dot), or any existing user or workgroup template

  • Quickly find and open any user or workgroup template


Working with documents on removable media (such as a floppy or Zip disk) can be a real pain?it's just plain slow. WOPR FloppyCopy makes working with documents on removable media easy. FloppyCopy steps in after you open a document from a removable media disk with Word's Open File dialog, and gives you the option of copying the document to your hard drive during editing. When you close the document, it is copied back to the removable media drive. You also have the option of keeping a copy on your hard drive for future editing.

Lookup ZIP+4

Lookup ZIP+4 is a utility for looking up ZIP+4 Codes from the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Web site. Have you ever sent off a letter only to have it returned due to no ZIP Code or an incorrect ZIP Code? Have you ever wondered what the ZIP Code for a particular city was or just wanted to find the ZIP+4 Code for your own or someone else's address? Well wonder no more; WOPR Lookup ZIP+4 comes to the rescue with a unique ZIP-finding utility that is designed to run exclusively from within Word. Simply enter an address (or partial address) into your document, fire up WOPR Lookup ZIP+4, and it will automatically grab the address, start your dial-up Internet connection, retrieve the correct ZIP+4 Code, and insert it into your document. WOPR Lookup ZIP+4 will even automatically disconnect from your Internet provider after a set amount of time or you can choose to remain connected. WOPR Lookup ZIP+4 has also been hooked into Enveloper's Find Zip button for easy access from within your envelopes.

Insert Picture

Insert Picture gives you quick access to all of your graphic images, with more options and flexibility than Word's Insert Picture. With WOPR Insert Picture, you can

  • Insert an image in its original size.

  • Specify an exact size for the image before inserting it.

  • Scale an image by any percentage before inserting.

  • Insert an image into the drawing layer, where you can float behind or on top of your text.

  • Insert multiple images by telling Insert Picture to remain open on your screen after each insertion.

Task Pane Customizer

Task Pane Customizer is a powerful tool that lets you customize the New Document, New Workbook, New Presentation, New File, and New Page or Web Task Panes in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and FrontPage. With the Task Pane Customizer, you can add files or hyperlinks to, or remove files or hyperlinks from, any of the host Office application's New… Task Panes, rename existing files or hyperlinks, quickly move your files or hyperlinks to any of the four different Task Pane sections, and even clear the Task Pane's most recently used (MRU) document and template lists.

Image Extractor/Editor

Ever want to grab the small 16x16 pixel icon out of an EXE file, DLL file, or from an Office application's command bar/toolbar? Well, WOPR Image Extractor lets you do just that. With Image Extractor, you can extract the small icons from any EXE, DLL, ICO, or BMP file, or from any Office command bar (toolbar or menu), edit them and use them in any Office application such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, and Outlook.

Document Notes

Document Notes is the electronic equivalent of paper sticky notes for all of your Word documents. The notes travel along with each of your documents and can even be password protected.

Date and Time Tools

You can insert monthly calendars into your documents, calculate any date by selecting a start date and adding days, weeks, months or years with the date and time tools. They're a menu bar alarm/timer and much more!

Pop-up Contacts List

The Pop-up Contacts List lets you access all of your Microsoft Outlook contacts from within Microsoft Word, and insert various information about the contacts (such as their addresses, phone numbers, and so on) into your documents with just a couple of mouse clicks.


QuickMarks is a one-key navigator for big documents that turns your number key pad into an instant document navigator.

Show/Hide All

Show/Hide all transforms Word's built-in Show/Hide ¶ command found on the Standard toolbar into a fully customizable "Show Whatever You Want" power house. Without having to write a single line of code, WOPR Show/Hide All enables you to choose which View options to show or hide and which View State to display when Show/Hide All is toggled on or off.

Formatting Toolbar

The WOPR Formatting Toolbar is simply a better way to access your most-used formatting tools. The WOPR Formatting Toolbar features are

  • Enhanced Styles Menu? Gives you quick access (via a plain-text preview) to all available styles, plus organizational fly-outs for Recently Used Styles, User Defined Styles, In-Use Styles, Built-In Styles, and All Styles. You can even manage your styles.

  • FastFonts? Makes it fast and easy to find just the right font for your documents. FastFonts displays all available fonts on your system, with the font name in its actual typeface. You can even generate a printed sample of every available font! Very slick.

  • Format Font and Format Paragraph Menus? Makes it easy to access commonly used font or paragraph formatting attributes.

  • Insert Symbol Menu? Instant access to any available symbol. With just a couple of clicks, you can insert Math, Greek, Wingdings, and International symbols. There's also a Miscellaneous Symbols library that includes currency symbols (and the new Euro currency symbol, too), dots and daggers, publishers quotes, em and en dashes, trademarks and copyright symbols, and much, much more.

  • SuperSub? Makes working with superscripts and subscripts fast and easy.

Module Tools

Module Tools is a custom toolbar containing a collection of tools for working with forms, modules, and macros in Microsoft Word. Features of WOPR Module Tools are

  • All Keys? Generates a table of all available key assignments.

  • Rebuild File? Rebuilds corrupted documents or templates. A real life-saver!

  • Import/Export? Imports or exports multiple VBA project components (forms, classes, and modules) in a single shot!

  • All Command Bars? Generates a table of all available command bar controls (menu bars, toolbars, and toolbar buttons).

  • FixXlate? Fixes line-continuation character problems in WordBasic macros that have been translated to VBA by Microsoft Word.

  • Button Face IDs? Displays all available button images for the built-in face ID numbers. You can copy the images to the clipboard, or print them out in a document.

City2Airport Smart Tags

City2Airport Smart Tags recognizes common city names as you type them into your documents and presents you with a pop-up menu that enables you to insert the city's airport name or code into your document, view an online map of the city or the city's airport region, get driving directions to or from the city's airport, and much more!

WOPR Updater!

This is the easiest way to make sure that you have the latest, most up-to-date version of WOPR.

Little WOPRs Library

These are small, fast tools that you'll use everyday:

  • Active File Manager? Gives you quick file management tools for working with the active document or template?move, copy, rename, or delete the active document/template with a few clicks. You can even create a shortcut to the active document/template on your desktop, Start menu, favorites folder, and more.

  • Digital Signatures? Provides easy access for working with digital signatures in the active document or template. You can quickly add digital signatures to or remove digital signatures from the active document or template, and easily import digital certificate files (using Microsoft's PVK Import tool) for use in signing your documents/templates.

  • Print Selector? Gives you quick access to all of your printer's settings, and makes printing only select portions of your documents a snap!

  • Calculator? Takes whatever values are currently selected, calculates a result, and places the result immediately after the selection in your document. There's even a stand-alone toolbar based calculator that will paste the calculation result into your document in a variety of different formats.

  • Normal Quotes? Converts Microsoft Word's "smart quotes" back into "normal quotes."

  • Fix Line Breaks? Removes extra line breaks from imported ASCII text files.

  • Duplicate Style? Lets you quickly make an exact copy of any existing style in the active document or template.

  • View Characters? Tells you exactly what ASCII codes lie behind your inscrutable characters.

  • View Header/Footer? Brings back the ol' Word 2.0 header/footer functionality.

  • Remove Personal Information? Provides easy access to Microsoft Word's Remove Personal Information feature that removes all personal information from the active document or template's comments, revisions, and File Properties dialog box.

  • Change Date/Time Stamp? Provides a quick and easy way to change any file's creation, last modified, and last accessed date and time stamps.

  • Toggle Showing Windows in Taskbar? Provides easy access to toggling on or off Microsoft Word's Show Windows in Taskbar feature that displays a separate icon on the Microsoft Windows taskbar for each open window in Microsoft Word.

  • Edit Replace? Allows you to kick off the find-and-replace process with the currently selected text.

  • Fast Find? Finds the current selection quickly; just highlight your text and press the quick-keys.

Installing WOPR 2003

To install WOPR 2003, make sure that you have Office 2003 installed, shut down all Office 2003 applications, insert the CD in this book into your CD drive, and run the WOPR2003.EXE program directly from the CD.

You must run the installer directly from the CD. If you copy all of the files on the CD to your hard drive and run WOPR2003.EXE from your hard drive, you'll need to insert the original CD into your CD drive before the installer will proceed.

The installer asks you to select which WOPR components you want to install. By default, all options are selected. (You might want to go ahead and install all WOPR tools because you can easily remove any unneeded components later.) Click Next to finish the first stage of the installation.

The Install Wizard starts Word to finish the installation. After it has completed the installation, Word will close. Most of the WOPR components install with no further prompts, but some, such as Enveloper, have their own additional installers, which run when you first attempt to use them.

If you have an Internet connection active, WOPR 2003 can automatically check to see if there are any updates at the end of the installation.

If you performed a partial installation, and you want to install any component that you missed, select Add/Remove WOPR Components from the WOPR Commander's system tray menu (by the Windows system clock). Select any component that wasn't installed, and follow the prompts.

If you want to install WOPR on multiple PCs, please send email to mike@wopr.com for site-licensing terms.

Security Considerations

Because of the security model in Microsoft Office 2003, it is possible that the security settings in Office might prevent some of the WOPR applications from running. Many of these applications are based on macros in templates. Although all the macros and templates on the CD are virus-free, Office security settings might prevent them from running anyway. If your Office security settings are set to High, unsigned macros will not run and you will not be given a prompt to change them. You can change this option by following the directions discussed in this book. If your company has "locked" your copy of Office to prevent you from changing this setting, you will need to contact your Office 2003 administrator to change this setting to allow these to run.


Some of the macros have been signed with a digital certificate to authenticate who the creator was. With these, you might be prompted whether to run them and asked whether you "trust" the signer. You should accept the prompt to allow the template or macro to work correctly.

To uninstall WOPR 2003:

  1. Close all of the host Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, and Outlook).

  2. Select the Add or Remove Programs applet from the Windows Control Panel.

  3. Scroll down to WOPR 2003 and click the Add/Remove or Change/Remove button. Follow the onscreen prompts.

Tech Support


The technical support options listed here are for WOPR 2003 only! For support with the other items on this book's CD, contact support@quepublishing.com.

For technical support:

  • Visit the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page on our Web site at http://www.wopr.com/wopr-xp/support/woprsupportfaq.htm, and you'll likely find your answer.

  • Visit our Online Technical Support page at http://www.wopr.com/wopr-xp/support/woprsupport.shtml.

  • Post a message to your WOPR-using peers on the WOPR Peer-to-Peer forum in the WOPR Lounge located at http://www.wopr.com/lounge.

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