How to Move a Toolbar Back Where You Want It


It's easy to inadvertently move a toolbar to a location where you don't want it. If the toolbar is docked to the top, side, or bottom of the screen, drag its move handle (refer to Figure 2.1). If the toolbar is floating in the middle of the screen, drag it by its title bar.

How to Troubleshoot Find and Replace

If Word doesn't find or replace text or graphics you believe are present in your document, check the following:

  • Double-check your typing.

  • Make sure that you haven't restricted your search to text formatted in a specific way. With Find What selected, click the No Formatting button. (If the button is not highlighted, you don't need to worry about this.)

  • Clear other check boxes that may be inadvertently limiting your search, including Match Case, Find Whole Words Only, and Use Wildcards. (If these check boxes do not appear, click the More button to display them.)

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