Creating Multiple Speech Profiles

You've gone through all this effort to train your computer to recognize your voice?but what if someone else shares your computer? That person can create her own speech profile, reflecting her own training. To create a new profile, display the Language Bar; then choose Tools, Options to display the Speech Recognition tab of the Speech Properties dialog box (see Figure 7.9).

Figure 7.9. From this dialog box, you can create new speech profiles, access more training, reconfigure your microphone, or adjust your audio inputs.


Click New to create a new profile. The Profile Wizard appears (see Figure 7.10).

Figure 7.10. Use the Profile Wizard to create a new profile.


Enter a name for the profile and click Next. This launches the Microphone Wizard you learned about in the "Running the Microphone Wizard" section, earlier in this chapter. When the Microphone Wizard finishes running, the Microsoft Speech Recognition Training Wizard runs, as discussed earlier in the "Using the Microsoft Speech Recognition Training Wizard" section of this chapter.

When you have more than one profile, select the one you want to use from the Language Bar. Choose Tools, Current User, and select the profile you want from the list in the cascading menu.


Don't use someone else's profile, and don't let anyone use yours. Words added to the wrong profile can actually interfere with Word's recognition accuracy.

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