Chapter 9. Automating Your Documents

In this chapter

AutoCorrect: Smarter Than Ever

AutoText: The Complete Boilerplate Resource

AutoFormatting: The Fastest Way to Format

Working with AutoSummarize

Working with Smart Tags


Word provides features designed to automate and streamline many aspects of document production.

For example, Word's AutoCorrect feature can fix spelling errors on its own, and Word's AutoText feature allows you to add large blocks of content to a document with just a few clicks. Word's AutoFormat feature can format an entire document automatically, using Word's built-in styles.

Word's AutoSummarize feature can generate reasonably useful executive summaries in just moments. And, in Word 2003, Smart Tags make it incredibly simple to use the content in your document in powerful new ways. This chapter focuses on helping you make the most of all these remarkable automation tools?and avoiding their occasional pitfalls.

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