I Can't Create Linked Text Boxes


You've clicked on a text box and now want to link it to another check box, but the "pitcher" cursor icon does not appear, and you can't do so.

Make sure that the text box you're linking to is

  • Empty

  • In the same document (or in the same subdocument within a master document)

  • Not part of another set of linked text boxes

You cannot link more than 31 text boxes in the same story.

I Don't Want to Display Drawing Canvases When I Create a Text Box

Whenever you click the Text Box button on the Drawing toolbar to create a text box, Word first inserts a drawing canvas. If you don't like this behavior, choose Tools, Options, General; then clear the Automatically Create Drawing Canvas When Inserting AutoShapes check box, and click OK.

Word Inserts Symbols I Don't Want

When you insert text such as (c), Word may substitute symbols such as ©. These symbols may not always be recognized accurately by other software or non-Windows computers. To prevent these substitutions from occurring, choose Tools, AutoCorrect Options; select the first substitutions you don't want Word to make; and click Delete. Repeat the process for each additional substitution you don't want. (The first 20 items in the AutoCorrect list substitute symbols for conventional text, but you may only use a few of these, such as © and ®.

After you've done this, click the AutoFormat As You Type tab, and consider clearing the following check boxes:

  • "Straight Quotes" with "Smart Quotes"

  • Fractions (1/2) with Fraction Character

  • Hyphens with Dash

My Edited Brochure Has Strange Formatting and Column Breaks

You may have inadvertently deleted a section break or column break in the document created by Word's Brochure template. If the problem has recently occurred, try clicking Undo (and repeat the process until the document is restored to its normal layout. To prevent the problem from occurring again, work in Print Layout View, and show all formatting marks (choose Tools, Options, View; check All, and click OK).

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