Printing Master Documents and Subdocuments

You print master documents and subdocuments the same way you print any other documents. You can click the Print button on the Standard toolbar to get one complete copy of whatever master document or subdocument you're working in. Or you can choose File, Print to display the Print dialog box and select printing options manually.

In general, what you see is what you print:

  • If you click Expand Subdocuments and then print a master document in Normal view, Word prints the entire master document, including all subdocuments. All styles, headers/footers, and page numbering are defined by the master document, not by individual subdocuments.

  • If you print a master document with hyperlinks showing, the hyperlinks print rather than the document text. It's a handy way to get a list of your subdocuments, complete with their drive and folder locations.

  • If you print a master document from Outline view, Word prints whatever headings and body text are currently displayed; for example, if you collapse part of the master document or display only the first line of body text paragraphs, only the elements that appear onscreen print.

  • If you double-click a subdocument icon in a master document and display a subdocument in its own window, clicking Print prints only the subdocument?using the master document's styles and template.

  • If you open a subdocument without first opening the master document, the subdocument prints as if it were an independent document?using its own styles and template.

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