What to Do If Word Won't Print Endnotes on a Separate Page


By default, Word places endnotes on the same page as the last text in the document. If you want them on a separate page, you have to add a manual page break (Ctrl+Enter) at the end of your document, before the endnotes.

What to Do If Word Prints Page Footers on Top of Footnote Text

This may happen if both the page footer and the footnote text exceed five lines and a section break appears on the same page. If you can't remove the section break, add some blank lines above the footnote text in the Footnote pane.

What to Do If Word Won't Delete Footnote or Endnote Reference Marks

You may have deleted the footnote text in the Footnote pane, but you also must select and delete the footnote reference mark in the document.

What to Do When You Can't Find the Heading You Want to Cross-Reference

Check: Did you format it with one of Word's built-in heading styles (for example, Heading 1 through Heading 9)? If not, do so. If you can't (or don't want to), select it as a bookmark and cross-reference it the same way you would cross-reference any other bookmark.

What to Do When Cross-References in a Master Document Return Error Messages

Make sure that the subdocuments your cross-references refer to haven't been removed from the document. Make sure that they are available and open.

For more information about working with master documents, see Chapter 19, "Master Documents: Control and Share Even the Largest Documents," p. 653.

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