Shortcuts for Working with Fields

Word provides various shortcuts for working with fields and navigating among them. These include shortcut menus, keyboard shortcuts, Select Browse Object, and Find/Replace/Go To. These techniques are covered in the following sections.

Using Word's Field Shortcut Menu

When you right-click on a field, the Field shortcut menu appears (see Figure 23.6). This includes the three most common tasks you might need: Update Field, Edit Field, and Toggle Field Codes. (Toggling a field switches between displaying the field code and displaying the field results.)

Figure 23.6. The shortcut menu appears when you right-click inside a field.


Word Keyboard Field Shortcuts

You've already learned some of Word's keyboard shortcuts for inserting and managing fields, such as Ctrl+F9 for inserting field brackets in your document. All Word's relevant keyboard shortcuts are collected in Table 23.3.

Table 23.3. Keyboard Shortcuts for Working with Fields


Key Combination

What It Does

Insert Field


Inserts field characters { } so you can manually insert a field name and instructions

Update Field


Produces a new field result

Go to Next Field


Moves to next visible field

Go to Previous Field


Moves to preceding visible field

View/Hide Field Code


Toggles between displaying field codes and displaying their results

Lock Field


Prevents a field from updating until you unlock it

Unlock Field


Enables a locked field to be updated again

Unlink Field


Replaces a field with its most recently updated results, eliminating the field code

Update Source (works with IncludeText field only)


Updates selected text in another document that is linked to the current document by an IncludeText field

Perform Field Click (works with MacroButton field only)


Performs whatever actions you've programmed into a MacroButton or GoToButton field or GoToButton

Insert Date Field


Inserts Date field with default format (in the U.S., 06/02/99)

Insert Page Field


Inserts Page field with default format (1, 2, 3…)

Insert Time Field


Inserts Time field with default format (in the U.S., 04:29 PM)

Moving Among Fields

Word offers shortcuts for moving among fields. F11 moves to the next field and selects it; Shift+F11 selects the preceding field. Yet another way to move among fields is to click Word's Select Browse Object button at the bottom-right corner of the Word screen and choose Browse by Field.

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