Printing Documents with Markup

By default, when you print a document containing markup, the markup is shown?balloons, underlining, and all. You can change this setting in two ways.

You can change the version of the document that is printed, by choosing a different version from the Display for Review drop-down box on the Reviewing toolbar. For example, if you want to print the original document with markup superimposed on it, you can choose Original with Markup. If you want to print the final document with markup indicating differences from the original, you can choose Final with Markup.

Alternatively, you can change what prints by choosing File, Print and choosing another option from the Print What drop-down box. The default setting, Document Showing Markup, prints the document with markup superimposed on it:

  • If you prefer to print the final document as it would appear if all markup was accepted, choose Document.

  • If you want to print a list of markup, as it appears in the Reviewing pane, choose List of Markup.

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