Word and Office: Tightly Integrated into a Single System

One of Word's most important strengths is its tight integration with Microsoft Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and the rest of Office 2003. These programs extend Word's power, and knowing how to use them with Word will make you much more productive. It's no wonder Microsoft has taken to referring to the "Microsoft Office System," rather than plain-old "Microsoft Office."

In Office 2003, Office's main applications are more tightly integrated than ever. In this chapter, you'll learn to leverage all of Microsoft Office to make Word an even more powerful tool.


To work with Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, or Access, you must first install them, either as part of Microsoft Office or as standalone applications.

    Part I: Word Basics: Get Productive Fast
    Part II: Building Slicker Documents Faster
    Part III: The Visual Word: Making Documents Look Great
    Part IV: Industrial-Strength Document Production Techniques
    Part VI: The Corporate Word