Deciding Which Word Features to Customize

Word is remarkably easy to personalize, and you can personalize it extensively?making your copy of Word look and function very different from the next person's. Of course, you wouldn't do that just for the sheer joy of it?few people have that much time to waste. On the other hand, judiciously applied customization can make Word more convenient, more comfortable, more productive, and even more fun.

If you use Word several hours a day, as you read this chapter think about the minor annoyances you've found in Word. Think about the tasks that seem to take longer than they ought, the toolbars that don't include the tasks you perform most, the automated actions you find yourself undoing. You just might be able to eliminate those annoyances.

If you're responsible for the way many people in your company use Word, you can use many of the same customizations to create a word processing program that more closely serves the needs of your colleagues and your organization as a whole.

    Part I: Word Basics: Get Productive Fast
    Part II: Building Slicker Documents Faster
    Part III: The Visual Word: Making Documents Look Great
    Part IV: Industrial-Strength Document Production Techniques
    Part VI: The Corporate Word