What to Do If Word Restores Commands You Removed in an Older Version of Word


If you open a template created in an older version of Word, you may find that menus and buttons you removed in that template reappear in Word 2003. To solve the problem, you must resave the template in Word's current format and then manually remove the commands and buttons again.

What to Do If You Copy Custom Buttons Between Templates, but the Buttons Don't Work in the New Template

If you've created toolbar buttons that run custom macros, and you copy the buttons to new templates, remember that you must copy the macros as well. To do so, use the Macro Project Items tab of the Organizer, accessible through Tools, Templates and Add-Ins, Organizer.

What to Do If You Want to Copy a Customized Built-In Toolbar Between Templates

Word's Organizer enables you to copy custom toolbars between templates, but it doesn't show built-in toolbars such as the Standard or Formatting toolbar?even if you've customized them. The workaround is to first create a new custom template and copy the buttons one at a time from the built-in template to the custom template. After you've copied the entire toolbar and organized as it as you want, use the Organizer to copy the custom toolbar.

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