Unicode and International Font Support in Word 2003

Word 2003 supports Unicode, a standard character set that includes all commonly used characters in virtually all the world's major languages, including Asian languages. This makes it much easier to create documents that are entirely, or partially, in languages other than English.

Word 2003 comes with one universal Unicode font, Arial Unicode MS (Arialuni.ttf), which covers all languages that Unicode supports.


One disadvantage of standardizing on a true Unicode font such as Arial Unicode MS is its enormous size: several megabytes, compared with 100?200KB for most other TrueType fonts. Working with fonts this large can cause reduced performance, especially on slower systems with less memory.

Using Unicode fonts in your Word 2003 documents will also result in larger file sizes.

Word 2003's universal Unicode font enables you to use the same font to display documents in many languages, rather than reformat text in a specific language font. This means that you won't find yourself inadvertentlytransforming foreign-language text into gibberish when you change fonts.

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