7.3 Using IrDA in Windows XP

Windows XP supports the IrDA protocols, providing connectivity to the Internet and to other networks. Using Windows XP support for infrared communication, you can connect to the Internet using a dial-up infrared modem or connect to another computer through point-to-point connection. You can also connect to the Internet through a computer and a network access point.

The advantage of using Windows XP for infrared communication is transparency to the end user.

For dial-up networking, when an infrared device is within range of another device, Windows XP will automatically install the necessary device (such as an infrared modem). Two kernel-mode drivers (IrCOMM and IrEnum) and an .inf file (Mdmirmdm.inf) provide this functionality.

For LAN access networking, Windows XP uses the IrNET protocol, which uses the Point-To-Point (PPP) protocol over the infrared link for network access.