Chapter 3. Bidding

    Section 3.1.  Hacks #20-32

    Hack 20.  Sniffing Out Dishonest Sellers

    Hack 21.  Snipe It Manually

    Hack 22.  Automatic Sniping

    Hack 23.  Conditional Sniping with Bid Groups

    Hack 24.  Keep Track of Auctions Outside of eBay

    Hack 25.  Take Advantage of Bid Increments

    Hack 26.  Manipulating Buy-It-Now Auctions

    Hack 27.  Retract Your Bid Without Retracting Your Bid

    Hack 28.  Tools for Dealing with Fraud

    Hack 29.  Send Payment Quickly and Safely

    Hack 30.  International Transactions Made Easier

    Hack 31.  Save Money on Shipping

    Hack 32.  Dealing with Disappointment: Getting Refunds
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