Chapter 4. Selling

    Section 4.1.  Hacks #33-54

    Hack 33.  What's It Worth?

    Hack 34.  To Bundle or Not to Bundle

    Hack 35.  Reserve Judgment

    Hack 36.  The Strategy of Listing Upgrades

    Hack 37.  Putting Keywords in Your Auction

    Hack 38.  Track Your Exposure

    Hack 39.  Expectation Management

    Hack 40.  Formatting the Description with HTML

    Hack 41.  Customize Auction Page Backgrounds

    Hack 42.  Framing Your Auctions

    Hack 43.  Overriding eBay's Fonts and Styles

    Hack 44.  Annoy Them with Sound

    Hack 45.  Put a Shipping Cost Calculator in Your Auction

    Hack 46.  Allow Visitors to Search Through Your Auctions

    Hack 47.  List Your Other Auctions in the Description

    Hack 48.  Make Good Use of the About Me Page

    Hack 49.  Opting Out of Checkout

    Hack 50.  Make Changes to Running Auctions

    Hack 51.  Dynamic Text in Auction Descriptions

    Hack 52.  Let's Make a Deal

    Hack 53.  Diplomacy 101: Answering Dumb Questions

    Hack 54.  Keeping Out Deadbeat Bidders