Chapter 8. The eBay API

    Section 8.1.  Hacks #82-100

    Hack 82.  Climbing Out of the Sandbox

    Hack 83.  API Searches

    Hack 84.  Retrieve Details About an Auction

    Hack 85.  Automatically Keep Track of Auctions You've Won

    Hack 86.  Track Items in Your Watching List

    Hack 87.  Automatically Keep Track of Auctions You've Sold

    Hack 88.  Submit an Auction Listing

    Hack 89.  Automate Auction Revisions

    Hack 90.  Spellcheck All Your Auctions

    Hack 91.  Negative Feedback Bidder Alert

    Hack 92.  Automatically Relist Unsuccessful Auctions

    Hack 93.  Send Automatic Emails to High Bidders

    Hack 94.  Generate a Custom Gallery

    Hack 95.  Leaving Feedback

    Hack 96.  Negative Feedback Notification

    Hack 97.  Automatic Reciprocal Feedback

    Hack 98.  Queue API Calls

    Hack 99.  Cache Auction Data to Improve API Efficiency

    Hack 100.  Working Without the eBay API
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