Section 2.5. w.bloggar

The most featureful desktop client is w.bloggar ( for Windows. It sports a colorized HTML editor (including tables and images) with text formatting (bold, italic, font, color, size, alignment, and so forth), an integrated preview window, and everything else one would expect to find under the File and Edit menus. Toolbar drop-down lists provide instant access to previous posts and main and archive templates. Figure 2-6 shows w.bloggar in action.

Figure 2-6. w.bloggar showing off its HTML editor with the resulting nicely formatted weblog entry in the background

w.bloggar supports not only multiple weblogs associated with a particular account, but multiple accounts across weblog systems and services; simply choose Select Account and you're posting elsewhere. And w.blogger allows you to post a particular weblog entry to multiple weblogs simultaneously ? associated with a single account, mind you.

w.blogger is freeware, downloadable as a self-extracting installer. It requires Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer.