Section 3.1. How Blogger Works

Blogger is a web-based tool, requiring no installation of software on your personal computer or on your server if you happen to already have a web site. You access the tool through the Blogger web site (located at, and the blog pages are posted to your web site or to Pyra's BlogSpot ( community blog server.

Architecturally, your template, archival information, and blog content are stored in databases at Pyra. It's only the generated main blog page, associated supporting files such as images, and archive files that get stored on the blog server. Figure 3-1 shows this.

Figure 3-1. Posting a blog

While most people interact with Blogger through the web interface, it's not the only way. You can also use a desktop client from Chapter 2 to maintain your blog. In Chapter 6, you'll learn about Blogger Pro's blog-by-email service.