Section 3.7. Changing Your Account Profile

Over time you might need to change your email address or want to change your username. In addition, for security reasons, you should consider changing your password every three months or so. All this information is kept in your account profile.

To modify your basic account profile information, click on the Team button in the Blogger toolbar, and in the page that opens, click on your name. Another page opens listing Organization, URL, Time Zone, and other information. In the right side of the toolbar is a link labeled Edit My Profile; follow this link.

The user account profile page is shown in Figure 3-11. This page is where you can modify your username, email, personal URL, and so on. In particular, this is where you can change your password. Once you've made your modifications, click the Save Profile button to commit the changes.

Figure 3-11. Changing your account profile

Change your password frequently, and use a combination of characters ? alphabetical, numerical, and other. In addition, you'll want to use a username that's not that easy to guess. For instance, don't use the name of your blog or other publicly known information.

In the Profile page, you can also set what information is hidden from people who aren't part of your blogging team. (See Section 3.12 later in this chapter for more on this.)