Section 4.5. The Radio Menu

Almost everything you do in Radio is controlled from the Radio command bar, the row of links across the top of your screen. Here's a quick rundown of what each menu item does. This is called either the Radio menu or the Radio command bar.


Jumps you back to the main editing window. You may have to refresh your browser window to see any changes you made.


Radio's RSS News Aggregator, which lets you subscribe to syndicated RSS feeds and easily base your blog posts on stories from those feeds.


Essentially longer essays but written in the Radio environment.


Browse the Radio server layout so you can see how the data is stored. This lets you find URLs to your blog posts so you can link to them. It also enables uploading content such as pictures and other files to your blog.


Traces what Radio does behind the scenes.


Change the look and feel of your blog with two clicks.


Utilities within the Radio environment.


Configures Radio and makes it function. For example, getting Radio to FTP to your own web server is something you'd set up here.