Section 9.4. Optional Configuration Directives

Blosxom has a few optional configuration directives that might be worth your while to set. These are in the same Configuration section of the Blosxom CGI script as the $datadir directive you set just a moment ago.

Your weblog's title and description are used in outgoing RSS feeds for syndication. Set them by changing the $blog_title and $blog_description variables as follows:

# What's this blog's title?

my $blog_title = 'My Blosxoms';

# What's this blog's description?

my $blog_description = 'Not your garden variety Blosxom blog.';

#What's this blog's primary language (for outgoing RSS feed)?

my $blog_language = 'en';

Entries are presented on your weblog's home page in reverse-chronological order, with the latest rising to the top and older entries falling off the bottom. Control how many appear by setting the $num_entries directive:

# How many entries should I show on the home page?

my $num_entries = 40;