This chapter showed you the basics of setting up L2L connections between Cisco IOS routers. With L2L connections, you need to handle design and policy issues, allow for IPSec traffic, configure your IKE Phase 1 management connection policies, define what data traffic is to be protected by IPSec, create your data transforms, build a crypto map, activate your crypto map, and test your configuration. Even with a simple example as I explained at the end of the chapter, you must perform a lot of configuration tasks to set up your L2L connection. This chapter provided a brief overview of the process, but you might have to do many other things, depending your router's setup and your connection needs, to set up the L2L connection (however, this is beyond the scope of this book).

Next up is Chapter 20, which shows you how to set up IPSec remote-access client VPN connections to your router.