New in This Edition

The most important addition to this book is the inclusion of Tim Pozar's excellent paper, "Regulations Affecting 802.11 Deployment." Tim is a microwave communications engineer and ham radio operator, and he has done terrific work in exploring the labyrinthine FCC Part 15 regulations. His paper helps us all to understand exactly what is required to operate wireless equipment legally in the United States.

I will also take a look at relevant technologies that have recently entered the wireless networking world, including 802.11a, 802.11g, and 802.1x. While 802.11b is still widely regarded as the champion technology of the community wireless networking effort, these newer technologies are poised to bring interesting new capabilities to networking projects everywhere.

In addition, I discuss a number of fun new home-brew equipment and software designs that have come to light, and evaluate some new security tools (and challenges). In particular, the Host AP driver has graduated to near-production quality, and can provide a very flexible alternative to traditional APs. More on that later.