Chapter 6. Wireless MANs: Networks for Connecting Buildings and Remote Areas

What You Will Learn

After reading this chapter, you should be able to

  • Recognize specific wireless MAN applications

  • Understand wireless MAN components and technologies

  • Realize the different types of wireless MAN systems

Wireless MANs satisfy needs for networking over metropolitan areas, such as cities and specific rural areas. Generally, wireless MANs provide interconnections among stationary users. In most cases, wireless MANs offer stationary outdoor connections.

Wireless MANs offer a high return on investment because companies can avoid leasing or installing expensive copper circuits or optical fiber links. In fact, it's sometimes impossible to install a wired network between two points when right-of-way restrictions prohibit the installation of wires. For example, a company might use wireless MAN components for data communications between the corporate headquarters and a nearby distribution center.

In many cases, companies can realize enough savings from a wireless MAN to pay for the equipment within one to two years. This certainly gives incentive to any company needing to establish communications between buildings spread throughout a metropolitan area.

This chapter offers examples of wireless MAN components, describes how these components interconnect to form a variety of systems, and explores the various standards.