8.5 Concurrency

Concurrency involves selecting multiple transitions simultaneously. For example, while the printer is printing a report, the printer must also monitor for other incoming print requests.

In the UML, concurrency is shown using a short heavy bar. If a bar has one incoming transition and two or more outgoing transitions, it indicates that all outgoing transitions occur once the incoming transition occurs. This is called splitting of control. If a bar has two or more incoming transitions and one outgoing transition, it indicates that all incoming transitions must occur before the outgoing transition occurs. This is called synchronization of control. Figure 8-8 shows that the printer uses concurrency to print a report using the Print Information action state, and to monitor for other incoming print requests while handling the current request using the Monitor for Print Requests action state. Once both of these action states have completed, a project manager may choose to print more reports.

Figure 8-8. Concurrency