C.1 Getting Started

There are two approaches to working with MySQL, Apache, and PHP:

  • Use the software that's installed with Mac OS X and add the missing components. Panther includes Apache 1.3.28 and PHP, but not MySQL. This is the easiest approach, but is prone to the problem of the software being out-of-date and, of course, you still need to install and configure some components.

  • Obtain and build the software from source code. This is the most difficult approach, but it has the advantage that the latest software is installed and the configuration layout and options are controlled in the process.

This appendix focuses on the first approach: we use the Apache that comes with Mac OS X, upgrade PHP, and add MySQL.

Before we can begin, you need to unlock your root user. Do the following:

  1. Open NetInfo Manager, which is located in Applications Utilities.

  2. Click on the Security menu, and then on Enable Root User. Enter a password and record it for later use.

  3. Quit NetInfo manager.

When you've finished the installation steps in this appendix, you can choose to disable the root user by repeating the steps above but clicking on Disable Root User instead.