G.4 Security and Cryptography Resources

Many books on Web security and cryptography are available. We recommend the following books:

  • Web Security, L. Stein (Addison Wesley). An excellent, comprehensive book with both technical and nontechnical depth.

  • Applied Cryptography: Protocols, Algorithms, and Source Code in C, B. Schneier (John Wiley and Sons). Covers the field of cryptography in technical depth.

  • The Code Book, S. Singh (Anchor Books). An enjoyable popular science book.

  • Building Secure Servers with Linux, M. Bauer (O'Reilly).

  • Security Engineering, R.J. Anderson (Wiley). An excellent all-round book.

  • Web security, privacy and Commerce, S. Garfinkel, (O'Reilly).

  • The RSA encryption web site, http://www.rsa.com.