mutable specifier

mutable specifier Mutable data member specifier

storage-class-specifier := mutable

The mutable specifier can be used with the declaration of a data member. Using it means that the member can be modified even if the containing object is const.


// Represent a point in Cartesian coordinates. If the user requests polar

// coordinates, compute and cache the polar coordinates. If the Cartesian

// coordinates change, the polar coordinates must be recomputed. The polar

// coordinates are computed only if they are needed.

struct point {

  double angle(  ) const {

    if (! has_angle_) {

      angle_ = tan2(y, x);

      has_angle_ = true;


    return angle_;


  void x(double x) { x_ = x; has_angle_ = has_arg_ = false; }



  double x_, y_;

  mutable double angle_, arg_;

  mutable bool has_angle_, has_arg_;


int main(  )


  const point pt(1, 2);

  std::cout << pt.angle(  );


See Also

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