typename keyword

typename keyword Introduces a type name

elaborated-type-specifier := typename [::] nested-name :: identifier | 

    typename [::] nested-name :: [template] template-id

using-decl := using [typename] [::] nested-name :: unqualified-id ;

type-parm := typename [identifier] [= id-expr]

The typename keyword is used in two different situations:

  • When referring to a qualified member of a class template, the compiler cannot tell whether the name refers to a type, object, or function. Use typename before the qualified name to tell the compiler that it names a type.

  • In a template declaration, use typename to name a type parameter. In this context, class means the same thing as typename.


template<typename C>

typename C::value_type checked_first(const C& c)


  if (not c.empty(  ))

    return c[0];

  throw std::out_of_range("container is empty");


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