union keyword

union keyword Declares a union

class-key := union

The union keyword declares an aggregate type, similar to a struct, but the union object can store only one member at a time. The storage for all members overlaps. A union can have member functions (including constructors and destructors) but not virtual member functions. A union cannot be or have a base class. Union members cannot be static or references. Data members cannot have constructors, a destructor, copy-assignment operators, virtual functions, or virtual base classes. An initializer for a union can initialize only its first member.

See class for the syntax rules.


enum kind { integer, real, text };

struct data {

  kind data_kind;

  data(int i) : data_kind(integer), integerval(i) {}

  data(double d) : data_kind(real), realval(d) {}

  union {

    int integerval;

    double realval;



See Also

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