2.8 Discussion Questions


Software architecture is often compared to building architecture. What are the strong points of this comparison? What is the correspondence in buildings to software architecture structures and views? To patterns? What are the weaknesses of the comparison? When does it break down?


What is the difference between a reference architecture and an architectural pattern? What can you do with one that you cannot do with the other in terms of organizational planning and architectural analysis?


Do the architectures in your organization recognize the different views (structures and relations) inherent in architecture? If so, which ones? If not, why not?


Is there a different definition of software architecture that you are familiar with? If so, think about the ways in which this definition supports our acid test of an architecture: Does it abstract information away from the system and yet provide enough information to be a basis for analysis, decision making, and risk reduction?

    Part Two: Creating an Architecture
    Part Four: Moving From One System to Many