11.6 For Further Reading

As this book was going to press, an initial draft of a training course on the ATAM was being tested. Details can be found on SEI's architecture tradeoff analysis Web site http://www.sei.cmu.edu/ata/ata-init.html. For a more comprehensive treatment of the ATAM, including a case study of applying it to a NASA satellite data system, see [Clements 02a].

[Chung 00] is an interesting treatment of quality attribute requirements and their relationship to design decisions. It refers to [Boehm 76], which presents a tree of software quality characteristics very similar to the utility trees used in the ATAM.

To understand the historical roots of the ATAM, and to see a second (simpler) architecture evaluation method, you can read about the software architecture analysis method (SAAM) in [Kazman 94].

    Part Two: Creating an Architecture
    Part Four: Moving From One System to Many