• Senior Acquisitions Editor
    Jim Minatel

  • Development Editor
    Sara Shlaer

  • Technical Editors
    Eric Engler
    Spike Xavier

  • Production Editor
    William A. Barton

  • Copy Editor
    C. M. Jones

  • Editorial Manager
    Mary Beth Wakefield

  • Production Manager
    Tim Tate

  • Vice President and Executive Group Publisher
    Richard Swadley

  • Vice President and Executive Publisher
    Joseph B. Wikert

  • Graphics and Production Specialists
    Joyce Haughey
    Jennifer Mayberry
    Alicia B. South

  • Quality Control Technician
    Brian Walls

  • Project Coordinator
    Bill Ramsey

  • Proofreading
    Ian Golder, Word One

  • Indexing
    Johnna VanHoose Dinse

  • Anniversary Logo Design
    Richard Pacifico