More Than Just a Book

There is no way we could cover all the topics we wanted to cover in a reasonable number of pages. In this book, we've had to focus on the recipes and technologies we thought would be most universally applicable. In addition, we've had to focus on the C programming language, with some quick forays into C++ when important, and a bit of assembly when there's no other way.

We hope this book will do well enough that we'll be able to produce versions for other programming languages. Until then, we are going to solve both of the aforementioned problems at once with our web site,, which you can also get to from the book's web page on the O'Reilly site ( Not only can you find errata there, but you can also find and submit secure programming recipes that are not in the book. We will put on the site recipes that we validate to be good. The goal of the site is to be a living, breathing resource that can evolve as time progresses.