Appendix E. MySQL Program Reference

Appendix E. MySQL Program Reference

This appendix describes the MySQL programs named in the following list. Later in the appendix, each program is described in more detail, including a description of its purpose, its invocation syntax, the options it supports, and a description of any internal variables it has. (Note that programs are ordered without regard to any '_' or '.' characters in their names.) Unless otherwise indicated, the program options and variables listed here have been present in MySQL at least as far back as MySQL 3.22.0.

  • libmysqld

    The embedded MySQL server. This isn't really a program; it's a library that you link into other programs to produce standalone applications that include a server.

  • myisamchk and isamchk

    Utilities for checking and repairing tables, performing key distribution analysis, and de-activating and re-activating indexes.

  • myisampack and pack_isam

    Utilities to produce compressed read-only tables.

  • mysql

    Interactive program with line-editing capabilities for sending queries to the MySQL server; can also be used in batch mode to execute queries stored in a file.

  • mysqlaccess

    Script for testing access privileges.

  • mysqladmin

    Utility for performing administrative operations.

  • mysqlbinlog

    Utility for displaying binary update logs in ASCII format.

  • mysqlbug

    Script for generating bug reports.

  • mysqlcheck

    Table checking, repair, optimization, and analysis utility.

  • mysql_config

    Utility that displays proper flags for compiling MySQL-based programs.

  • mysqld

    The MySQL server; this program must be running so that clients have access to the databases administered by the server.

  • mysqld_multi

    Script for starting and stopping multiple servers.

  • mysqld_safe

    Script for starting up and monitoring the MySQL server. (Prior to MySQL 4, this script is named safe_mysqld.)

  • mysqldump

    Utility for dumping the contents of database tables.

  • mysqlhotcopy

    Database backup utility.

  • mysqlimport

    Utility for bulk loading of data into tables.

  • mysql_install_db

    Script for initializing the server's data directory and grant tables.

  • mysql.server

    Script for starting up and shutting down the MySQL server.

  • mysqlshow

  • Utility that provides information about databases or tables.

In the syntax descriptions, optional information is indicated by square brackets ([]).