Appendix F. C API Reference

Appendix F. C API Reference

This appendix describes the C language application-programming interface for the MySQL client library. The API consists of a set of functions for communicating with MySQL servers and accessing databases and a set of data types used by those functions. The client library functions can be classified into the following categories:

  • Connection management routines to establish and terminate connections to the server

  • Error-reporting routines to get error codes and messages

  • Query construction and execution routines to construct queries and send them to the server

  • Result set processing routines to handle results from queries that return data

  • Information routines that provide information about the client, server, protocol version, and the current connection

  • Administrative routines for controlling server operation

  • Thread routines for writing threaded clients

  • Routines for communicating with the embedded MySQL server, libmysqld

  • Debugging routines to generate debugging information

  • Deprecated routines that now are considered obsolete

Unless otherwise indicated, you can assume a function is present in the client library at least as far back as MySQL 3.22.0.

This appendix serves as a reference, so it includes only brief code fragments illustrating use of the client library. For complete client programs and instructions for writing them, see Chapter 6, "The MySQL C API."