Appendix H. PHP API Reference

Appendix H. PHP API Reference

This appendix describes the PHP application programming interface for MySQL. The API consists of a set of functions for communicating with MySQL servers and accessing databases. These functions fall into the following categories:

  • Connection management routines

  • Error-reporting routines

  • Query construction and execution routines

  • Result set processing routines

  • Information routines

  • Deprecated routines

This appendix serves as a reference, so it includes only brief code fragments illustrating use of the PHP API. For complete client scripts and instructions for writing them, see Chapter 8, "The PHP API." The functions described here are those that pertain directly to MySQL. The PHP manual contains many hundreds of pages of reference material, so this appendix summarizes no more than a small part of PHP's capabilities. To obtain the complete PHP manual, visit the PHP Web site at