Chapter 1: Introducing the World of Illustrator

Chapter 1: Introducing the World of Illustrator


In This Chapter

  • Getting a look at how graphic artists use Illustrator

  • Becoming familiar with the Illustrator interface

  • Noting some Mac and Windows differences

  • Creating new documents

  • Saving your artwork

  • Printing Illustrator documents

  • Bailing out of a document (and Illustrator itself)

The first time you run Illustrator, you’ll probably think that Adobe Intimidator would be a more appropriate name for Adobe Illustrator. The program’s dozens of tools, hundreds of commands, and more than 30 palettes can transform confident, secure individuals into drooling, confused, and frustrated drones.

The situation doesn’t have to be that way, of course. Sure, all that stuff is scary. Even more frightening to some is the prospect of facing the giant white nothingness of the Document window — the endless possibilities, the confusion over where to start. This chapter helps you get past that initial stage and move forward into the mystical state of eagerly awaiting (instead of fearing) each new feature and function.