Chapter 3: Doing Everyday Things with Illustrator

Chapter 3: Doing Everyday Things with Illustrator


In This Chapter

  • Selecting objects so they can be changed

  • Moving objects in a document

  • Rotating and resizing documents

  • Looking at all the really fun stuff in Illustrator

  • Using Illustrator with the Web

  • Taking Illustrator documents into other programs

  • Zeroing in on what Illustrator does best

The hard part for new users of Illustrator is figuring out just what it does. The program is so vast and has many capabilities that aren’t immediately obvious or self-explanatory. Even seasoned Illustrator veterans often discover that they use many convoluted steps to accomplish something they can do with a single hidden command. This chapter is a tell-all expos? of everything that you can do in Illustrator (at least as much as I can in a single chapter). You’d need an entire book to cover such a complex program (er, um, which is why you’re reading this). By the end of this chapter, you should have a good overview of the features of Illustrator and know where to look to find the things you need to get the job done.