Chapter 10: Extreme Fills and Strokes

Chapter 10: Extreme Fills and Strokes


In This Chapter

  • Creating tone using the Mesh tool

  • Making artwork partially transparent

  • Blending artwork together

  • Stroking your way to victory over drab art

  • Creating custom strokes

  • Hiding objects with other objects by using masks

To say that in Illustrator you can create just about anything you can imagine isn’t an overstatement. The trick is to know which buttons to push to make your artistic vision become an Illustrator document. This chapter pushes fills and strokes to their limits, so you can create cool stuff. You know — the stuff that, when you look at it, it makes you scratch your head and say, “How did they do that?” And then you wonder whether you’ll ever be able to create anything as artistic.

Well, it isn’t so hard. You just need to use some of the more arcane Illustrator tools (the Mesh tool, for example) and a few cantankerous menu commands that don’t want to do anything unless you apply them just right. This chapter shows you how to use them to get good results with the tools and commands that take center stage. Like temperamental sports cars, they’re a little tricky to use but worth the effort!