Creating Straight Lines with the Pen Tool

Creating Straight Lines with the Pen Tool

Using logic as valid as any followed by Holmes and Watson (not to mention Spock), you can deduce that you use straight-corner anchor points to draw straight lines with the Pen tool. Elementary. . . .

Harrumph. Elementary or not, you should jolly well see this marvel in action. To draw a triangle with the Pen tool (see Figure 7-5), just follow these steps:

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Figure 7-5: Drawing ? triangle ?with the ?Pen tool, using straight-corner anchor points.
  1. With the Pen tool, click (do not drag) in the Document window.

    An anchor point appears after you release the mouse button. (Cute, ?isn’t it? But lonely; it needs friends.)

  2. Click (don’t drag) somewhere below and a little to the right of the ?first anchor point.

    After you release the mouse button, a line appears between the first and second anchor points. They’re joined, open, and ready to rock. You’ve created a fine-looking path.

  3. Click (don’t drag!) somewhere a bit to the left of the second anchor point.

    A stunning-looking angle appears. Maybe it’s a skateboard ramp. Maybe it’s a less-than sign flopped over, worn out from all those equations.

  4. Put your cursor on the first anchor point and click that puppy.

    You created a triangle! Congratulations! Euclid would be proud.

Well, okay, you’ve heard this tune before, but once more with feeling: Do not drag if you want straight lines. If you drag, you’re going to get curves. In fact, not dragging to get straight lines is probably harder than dragging to get curves. (If you want to take a break and go drag something, be my guest; you’ve earned it.)


You can create right angles and 45? angles with the Pen tool by holding down the Shift key while you draw.