Chapter 12: Pushing, Pulling, Poking, and Prodding

Chapter 12: Pushing, Pulling, Poking, and Prodding


In This Chapter

  • Understanding how transformations work

  • Using the Scale, Rotate, Reflect, and Shear tools

  • Moving and shaking (even stirring) objects and portions of objects

  • Blending paths until they’re confused and happy

Art that you create in Illustrator can be modified in a number of ways. Perhaps the most powerful of these ways are transformations and distortions. These enable you to bend, move, and manipulate paths and other Illustrator objects like silly putty, shaping them to your every whim. (Power mongers, rejoice!)

In this chapter, you find out how to use the many Illustrator transformation tools to alter the shape of your artwork in any way you desire. In Bonus Chapter 1, you dive into distortions. Go to to find the bonus content.