Chapter 13: Organizing Efficiently

Chapter 13: Organizing Efficiently


In This Chapter

  • Arranging and stacking images

  • Using the Layers palette

  • Changing the stacking order of objects with the Layers palette

  • Naming objects, groups, and layers

  • Organizing artwork with groups

  • Letting Smart Guides do the work for you

  • Working with guides

  • Aligning objects

A good way to think about how Illustrator objects relate to one another is to consider Illustrator objects like construction paper cutouts. You can arrange them any way you want, but in all likelihood, some will overlap. Each piece of paper can then be tucked behind another piece or pulled out in front of another piece. Doing so results in totally different results, even though the paper cutouts never really change.

In this chapter, I focus primarily on stacking objects — tucking them behind each other or bringing them forward to upstage each other — and show you how to deal with stacking as easily as possible. In addition, a later section scrutinizes precision placement and aligning of objects.