Positioning Palettes

Positioning Palettes

Illustrator saves all palette positions just as they are when you quit Illustrator. The next time that you use Illustrator, the palettes appear right where you left them. This structure is handy most of the time, but your palettes can get a bit disorganized if you move them all over the place while chasing a creative inspiration. If you want to get them back to Square One with no fuss, read on.

Because Illustrator saves the palette positions in the Preference file, you can save a set or sets of palette positions for later use by saving a copy of the Preference file. Whenever you need to reset the palettes to their convenient locations, replace the active Preference file with the saved version.


Keep in mind that this shuffling of files may zap other Preference settings, such as your units of measurement or your Pencil Tool preferences (see Chapter 8) that you may have changed.

On the Mac, the Preferences file is inside the System folder, tucked inside a Preferences folder that is tucked inside the Adobe Illustrator CS folder. Hey, sometimes obvious is nice. In Windows, this Preferences file is called AI Prefs and is also located in the Adobe Illustrator CS folder.